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Bruin Microfinance

Empowering social mobility with microfinance, one investment and consulting project at a time.

Our pro-bono investment and consulting projects are10-weeks long, spanning the duration of each academic quarter. We would love to work with you on either or both!

Small Business?

We recruit during the Fall and Winter quarters. We can't wait to meet you during our recruitment events!


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Pro-bono financial services supporting small businesses in Greater Los Angeles and beyond.

We are UCLA's first undergraduate microfinance institution. As a chapter of Kiva, we intersect business and service, executing financial services to foster opportunities while providing members with hands-on business experience. We empower individuals, families, and communities, serving those who are where they are because they are underserved, not undeserving. Join our community and help make a difference.

Our Mission Statement

What is microfinance?

Watch the Pedro story to learn how Kiva crowdfunds microloans to make a large impact.

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